How to Make a Successful Dental Tourism?

How to Make a Successful Dental Tourism?

The Dental Tourism is a service that offers dental care for people who are outside their countries or even for those who live in remote areas. Brazil is recognized for its high-quality dental services: in the forefront is the oral health and, following it, the aesthetics procedures. In fact, our treatments are characterized by an aesthetic refinement considered as a worldwide reference. Moreover, the price for dental care abroad can be three to four times more expensive than in Brazil, therefore Dental Tourism service is becoming a huge business. People start noticing that our country offers high-quality dental service combined with lower prices. Brazil is becoming recognized worldwide in the medical and dental fields, with qualified professionals and high technology. Thus, an exciting trip to Brazil would be well worth it to combine it with an improvement to your health and aesthetics.

For professional or pleasure reasons, foreigners from different nationalities choose our country to perform dental treatments. To illustrate it, in Europe the prices of dental procedures are much higher and they often do not take in consideration the aesthetic side of it, which is why Europeans seek the Dental Tourism service in Brazil. This also occurs with patients coming from countries such as Angola, Mozambique and even China and Hong Kong. We also know that Brazilians living abroad always return to perform dental treatments.

shutterstock_144112840Dental implants, immediate loading protocols, aesthetic restorations in resin or porcelain (the famous Facets or Dental “Contacts”) are the most sought out procedures for people that decide to do Dental Tourism in Brazil. Other simple interventions that are sought after range from teeth whitening, replacement of old fillings, application of botulinum toxin and facial fillers.

Going for a trip can be one of the nicest choices for relaxation and pleasure, but before the fun, you need to carefully choose the clinic that will make the dental procedure, to verify their seriousness and professionalism. Thus, a dental center that prizes values such as transparency, ethics, efficiency and commitment is the key. It is important to look for a team that has multidisciplinary care, with specialists in implants, endodontics, dentistry/aesthetics, prosthetics, periodontics and orofacial pain, among other areas of dentistry. It is also important to consider the dental units reputation and if they have the required technology for the specific service.

Quality and experience are very important in Dental Tourism because, as we said, everyone who chooses the service must feel safe upon returning to their country without worrying about complications from the treatment. Therefore, the medical intervention must be properly planned with clinical staff, according to the availability of the patient and respecting their wishes and expectations.


Dental Tourism at Luposeli Clinic

The Luposeli Clinic works with Straumann technology ( in the field of implantology. They are a well-known Swiss company known to be world leaders in dental implant services. To achieve this position, Straumann has the support of renowned research institutes and universities around the world, developing exclusive products that allow dentists to offer faster and less traumatic treatments, reducing the time of bone integration of the implants (time between implant placement – surgical phase – and the prosthesis manufacturing). Furthermore, Straumann is present in more than 70 countries, which facilitates the exchange of the patient that uses implants of this brand. The components are all standard and found in the main clinics of Brazil and abroad. It is precisely for these reasons that the team Luposeli use such technology in the procedures performed on patients who decide for the Dental Tourism in our clinic.


To start the Dental Tourism services, when contacted, the Luposeli Clinic request exams[1] that can be made in advance in order to optimize the patient time during the visit as well as choose the procedures that actually may or may not be made during the stay in São Paulo.


We are in the main business area of the city of São Paulo, a few blocks from Av. Engenheiro Luis Carlos Berrini. Our prime location makes the service practical and attractive. With a wide installation in the Brooklin Paulista neighborhood, the clinic is about 5 km from Congonhas Airport, next to the hotels Hyatt, Unique and Hotel Ibis. Furthermore, it is next to the famous Brazilian Steakhouse Fogo de Chão, in addition to the malls JK Iguatemi, Vila Olímpia, Morumbi and Cidade Jardim.


19826Our clinic provides shuttle service for the visitor’s transportation to the hotel, from the hotel to the clinic and back to the airport after completion of the treatment.


In partnership with Luposeli Dental SPA, the travel agency UP Travel can help the patient in choosing their preferred tour destinations. Thus, it’s possible to perform a planned Dental Tourism trip, optimizing the patient’s time by combining it with dental treatment and leisure or business.


[1] The tests may be scheduled in advance at INDOR – Institute of Orthodontic Documentation and Radiology (